Work automation with Facebook

For professional arbitrators and managers

Why AdPusher?

It's simple! AdPusher is the most functional and fast-growing service for automating work.

All in one place

Hundreds and thousands of your accounts in one place
Each account is associated with a separate Proxy and User Agent
Categories, notes, favorites, important information display
All currencies in the system are reduced to USD for convenience


Change account, campaign, group status
Ad Moderation
New comments on your filters
Approximation of payment (billing) for an ad account
Login from a new device
The ability to receive notifications at once in several places (groups, channels, private messages)

Fast Ad Create

Mass creation of ads on multiple accounts
Unique video and image before uploading to Facebook
One-click fast creation
Intuitive interface, minimum requests to Facebook
Ability to duplicate groups and ads

Ad Accounts

Output of important information: limits, cards, statuses, etc.
Manage auto rules, create templates
Partner Management
Creating a Pixel
Adding a card for payment
Change the country of the ad account
Disable or enable notifications


Create BMs with one button
Business Management
Add users, get invitation links


Creating pages
Manage page publishing


Conclusion: budget, task, strategy, etc.
Edit campaign, delete, change status
Manage auto rules, create templates


Output of important information: budget, target price, target, event, etc.
Editing, changing the budget or control price
Manage your audience


View in a convenient format
Editing ads
Starting, stopping or deleting


Show statistics for all accounts
Flexible statistics output filter
Download statistics: PDF, Excel, CSV
Setting the fields for output


Creating tasks to delete, hide or like
Keyword filter
Manual comment management

Referral program

Share the product with friends, develop together
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Fast Development

We do everything our customers ask (and really do)
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